Programs and Initiatives



Big Blue Rescue plans to begin initiatives focus on many ways Kentucky is currently failing animals.  To accomplish these objectives, Big Blue Rescue will be forming a coalition of animal welfare groups and pet lovers throughout the state, who are committed to helping all pets live the lives they deserve.


 Puppy Mills


Big Blue Rescue will work to shut down puppy mills statewide by advocating for laws that will ban the sale of pets from mills, and educating the public about puppy mills.


 Community Cats


To keep community cats safe, healthyand out of shelters, Big Blue Rescue will promote and help implement trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs in municipalities around Kentucky. Strays can and should be kept safe, as many cats can survive just fine without an owner.


 “Bully Breed” Laws


 To encourage the adoption of pit-bull-terrier-like dogs and help keep them in their homes, Big Blue Rescue will fight breed discrimination through legislative efforts.


 Housing Regulations

Housing managers statewide often put no pet policies in place. We feel with proper incentives and education we can increase the number of homes, apartments, hotels etc. that allow pets. If every community was more accepting of pets, it would allow for more potential owners to purchase pets without having to worry so much about finding pet friendly housing.

 Animal Fighting and Abuse


 Fighting should be banned for all animals statewide, and penalties should be much harsher for those who are caught forcing any animal to fight.  Big Blue Rescue will push for harsher laws against those who abuse animals in any way. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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