The No-Kill Movement

Two million dogs and cats are killed annually in the USA.  Euthanasia is very common at many shelters in Kentucky, and is implemented as a source of population control, even for healthy animals.  Big Blue Rescue’s goal is to spread the no kill movement throughout the bluegrass and help end this crisis in Kentucky.

For “No-Kill” organizations, euthanasia is implemented only when needed as an act of mercy.  Euthanizing a pet is considered only when veterinary or behavioral experts have decided that the animal is suffering, and the animal has little or no chance of an acceptable quality of life.  Unlike some organizations, Big Blue Rescue will never advocate the killing of any healthy animal, and will always advocate life.  We must find accommodations for every pet that enters Kentucky shelters, and implement better legislation and methods of birth control, to alleviate pressure on shelters across the bluegrass.

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