Alley Cat Advocates

Our mission is to provide for the humane treatment of unowned cats in Kentuckiana by directing a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective way possible. TNR is the process of trapping stray cats, spaying or neutering them, and returning them to their home environment.



Boone County Animal Care & Control

Our mission is to provide services which safeguard the public health and safety, to humanely house and care for animals in its charge, to protect the animals of the community from abuse and neglect, to end the euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals and to provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.



The Pioneer Spay Neuter Clinic

Critters Without Litters is a non profit 501c3 low cost spay/neuter clinic that sterilizes the dogs and cats in Mercer County and surrounding areas for those who qualify. Our mission is to help prevent unwanted litters, stop unnecessary euthanasia, and educate the community on the topic of pet overpopulation. We are funded by grants and donations and operate solely on volunteers.



Forever Homes for Paws logo
To advocate for humane treatment of animals, educate the community on responsible, lifelong pet ownership and promote adoption to find forever homes for sheltered, abused, abandoned and surrendered dogs and cats.  Promote and assist spay and neutering.


Friends of the Shelter SPCA KY

Friends of the Shelter, Inc. (FOTS) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization incorporated in 1991. We’re a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Kentucky organization. The Friends became a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity in 1992. The Friends carryout good works within a service area that covers six northern Kentucky counties: Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties.



Grant County Kentucky

Our mission is to provide services which safeguard the public health and safety, to humanely house and care for animals in our charge, and to provide our citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.



Grant County Friends

The mission of the Grant County Friends of the Shelter is to: Improve the quality of life for animals in the Shelter and/or in Grant County’s care; Encourage the adoption of shelter animals to responsible owners with suitable homes; Advance spay/neuter programs as a means of reducing the number of animals relegated to the shelter; Educate residents to be responsible, humane pet owners.



Hope Spay Neuter Clinic

Versailles, KY

HOPE Spay Neuter Clinic provides high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter services for companion animals as well as feral cats in Kentucky.  Our goal is to reduce overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia. Community education and involvement are essential components of our efforts, and are key to our success.



Humane Society of Nelson County

Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve suffering among  animals, and extend humane education.




Jessamine County Trap Neuter and Return Program Inc.

The Jessamine County Trap Neuter Return Program Inc. is dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of Jessamine County’s feral and free-roaming cat population through Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR). We are not a part of Jessamine Animal Care and Control. We are an all-volunteer run non-profit organization. Our program is funded through donations from our supporters.


Kentucky Humane

Founded in 1884, the Kentucky Humane Society is the oldest animal welfare organization and largest pet adoption agency in the state. As a private nonprofit agency, KHS relies on support from donors to help thousands of needy cats and dogs in our community find the new homes they deserve.


Knox Whitley

We provide humane treatment and improved quality of life of animals in our communities through education and compassion. We offer low cost spay and neuter though our local veterinarians and try to get grants. At this time we do not have all of our animals altered before leaving our shelter, we do have a voucher system in place to have the animals we adopt out spay or neutered.


Lexington Humane

Lexington Humane Society (LHS) mission statement: “To advocate the compassionate treatment of animals; educate the community on responsible, lifelong pet ownership; and promote adoption as the best option when searching for a new pet.” Among other things, LHS is the largest pet adoption agency in Central Kentucky, we care for over 4,000 homeless animals every year, we are an educational resource promoting a more humane community.


Louisville KY

Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS) is committed to finding every healthy, adoptable animal a home! The department is dedicated to educating and reaching out to all members of the community to make sure responsible pet ownership and compassion are at the forefront. LMAS has a fundamental MISSION to protect public health and safety, ensure the humane treatment of animals and provide quality customer service to the public.


Lucky Tales Rescue, Inc.
Lucky Tales Rescue is a community focused non-profit organization. Our goal is to save and protect unwanted animals by educating the community, adopting to responsible homes, and providing lifelong support for our adopters. With love and determination we ensure proper placement by matching animals with appropriate forever homes and helping the animals start their own lucky tale. Our rescue is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers who focus on a better quality of life for the animals whose lives we touch. Our volunteer group is our rescue family; we operate and conduct ourselves just like a true family would. Our hope is that through education and support we can prevent animals from being abandoned and left alone in shelters.
Making A Difference Now

MADN’s mission is to help homeless, abandoned and feral animals, and the volunteers and organizations that serve them; to support other organizations with similar goals; and to advocate for animals everywhere.


My Dog Eats First, Inc.
My Dog Eats First is a 501(c)(3) homeless outreach organization that serves the homeless with pets in the greater Louisville and Southern Indiana areas. We believe in the healing power of pets and in the love and companionship that these pets bring to the homeless. Our mission is to provide pet food, supplies, and veterinary care for the pets of the indigent and homeless with respect and love weekly. It is estimated that 3.5 million Americans are homeless. Between 5% to 10% of homeless people have pets that provide them companionship, protection and unconditional love.
No Kill Louisville

Through the support and creation of programs and services, collaboration, and advocacy, No Kill Louisville will build a community where no adoptable pet or feral cat is killed.


Owen County Friends of Animals, Inc.

The purposes of this organization as stated in our bylaws are to: oppose inhumane treatment of animals, improve the quality of life of animals in Owen County’s care, advance spay and neuter programs as a long-term solution to the problem of unwanted pets, educate residents on responsible and humane treatment of animals, facilitate, and promote and arrange for the adoption of impounded animals to responsible owners with suitable homes. Furthermore, underlying these purposes is the ultimate goal of minimizing and eventually eliminating euthanasia of Owen County animals just because they are homeless.


Paris Animal Welfare Society

Our mission is to save and protect homeless animals through responsible adoptions, to provide humane care for all animals entrusted to us, to advocate for animal welfare, and to enhance the human-animal bond by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people in our community.


Paws & Claws Animal Rescue Inc

Our mission is to prevent cruelty to animals, educate the public on responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering animals. We also provide rescue services to animal shelters throughout KY, OH, and TN to reduce the euthanasia rate. We strive to give as many dogs, cats, puppies and kittens a second chance at life.


Paws 4 the Cause

Helping Animals of All Kinds


Saving Paws Animal Rescue of KY

SparKy is a local, non profit, no-kill, animal rescue. It takes a unique approach to animal rescue through the utilization of foster homes to house the animals. These foster homes provide the animals with a loving environment in which their needs are fully met. They also allow the foster parents to assess the temperament of the animals, as well as their individual needs, thus ensuring that the best permanent home pos…


Saving Sunny, Inc.

Our organization works to bridge the gap between animals, people and our community and to advocate for all walks of life that experience discrimination. Saving Sunny, Inc. works to provide safe and loving homes for the animals in our program living in foster care, as well as assist pet-owners in our community and beyond with issues they may face, so that pets may remain in their loving homes in lieu of the municipal shelter.


Scott County Humane Society

Since 1981 our volunteer-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization has been united in a mission to ensure humane care and conditions for companion animals through spay/neuter, humane awareness education, and responsible pet adoption and ownership.


Slugger City Bully Buddies

Slugger City Bully Buddies, Inc. strives to bring peace to all bully breed types of dogs through education, advocacy, and awareness. Our mission is to focus on educating the public about bully breeds, advocating for bully breeds by fighting abuse, neglect, breed discrimination, and dog fighting, promoting rescue and adoption, raising awareness, and offering free programs for bully breeds.


Somerset Pulaski County HS

Our organization is run by a Board of Directors and is an all volunteer group. 100% of donations go to rescue, rehabilitation or adoption of abandoned and abused animals in Pulaski County. We work with our local County-run Shelter to transport animals to rescues throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada. We have a monthly low cost spay/neuter clinic, and we have an ongoing foster/adoption program. We depend entirely upon donations.


Tyson's Chance Animal Foundation

Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide exceptional care for companion animals in need prior to finding them safe and loving homes. We offer low cost spay/neuter programs and educate the public by providing access to services that will encourage responsible pet ownership. Tyson’s Chance specializes in special needs rescue. We are known for taking in animals with medical and behavioral issues. We love pit bulls and seniors. We heal the sick and rehabilitate the misunderstood.Tyson’s rescues all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. Expanding beyond dogs and cats, we also have an adoptable horse and bunny in our program.


Woodford Humane Society
The Woodford Humane Society has welcomed and cared for thousands of animals since 1975. With no government funding, we depend completely on private contributions. We accept all animals in need, regardless of temperament, health, age or breed, and set no time limit for their stay with us. We get to know our animals well and provide the medical care, enrichment, socialization and playtime they need to stay happy and adoptable.
Woodstock Animal Foundation

The foundation purpose includes five components: Reduce animal overpopulation by funding & administering an aggressive neutering & spaying program; Develop a “euthanasia free” rescue & adoption program by arranging a network of foster care homes for homeless pets;  Develop in adults & children, an understanding of the responsibility people hold toward animals & offer training to carry out this responsibility through continued educational programs; Establish a trust fund for the building & management of an animal sanctuary; Provide supplies & funds to pre-approved 501(c)3 animal shelters to assist when cash flow deficiencies arise.


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